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Analysis and commentary on emerging risks from Verisk experts

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Perspectives offers commentary and analyses from experts across multiple Verisk business units on a range of health and safety topics including civil unrest, COVID-19, the environment, oil, gas, and energy, among many others.

Additional topics in focus

Climate Related Black Swan Events

Can We Anticipate Climate-Related Black Swans?

Extreme weather events may be rare, but we do have the ability to model and forecast them.

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Car Burning On Fire

A dangerous new era of civil unrest is dawning in the United States and around the world

Spurred by recessions, the pandemic and local political factors, civil unrest is roiling populations around the globe. The U.S. is no exception.

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Coal Mining

Why human rights in supply chains are a growing concern

Human rights abuses in countries critical to products like batteries and hand sanitizer could introduce new risks for companies.

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Covid 19 Molecule

COVID-19’s long tail: Why we may be living with the effects of the disease for years to come

As deadly as the pandemic has been, its survivors may face life-altering complications and lingering effects from the novel coronavirus.

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How the obesity epidemic could impact insurers

As more research is undertaken on the causes of obesity, could food be “the new tobacco” when it comes to litigation risks?

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Air Pollution

How human emissions heighten health and safety risks

From suffocating wildfire smog to climate altering greenhouse gases, global air pollution causes millions of deaths a year and severe economic damage.

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How will climate change impact human health?

It’s no secret that a warming planet could introduce scores of property and natural catastrophe risks. But don’t overlook the health impacts that could result as well.

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Oil And Gas

How COVID-19 created new risks, and opportunities, for the oil and gas industry

Thought buying toilet paper was tough? COVID-19 played havoc with energy supply lines and created new risks in the process.

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Energy Sources

What does COVID-19 mean for energy transition risks?

Will the pandemic derail efforts to go green, or will it spur a renewed push for greater sustainability?

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Science Experiment

Why understanding and communicating uncertainty are crucial parts of risk management

When it comes to communicating risks, particularly around chemical safety, the truth is rarely simple.

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Past Perspectives

Understanding risks is a journey, not a destination. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of emerging risk analysis where researchers seek to identify new risks and learn how old ones may evolve.

Featured topics in this report:

  • Climate change
  • Cybersecurity
  • 5G technology
  • Cannabis

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Risk never sleeps: new trends appear, new technologies develop, and new markets grow—sometimes changing the world suddenly, other times percolating near the surface for years without obvious impact. The question of how to best grapple with this constantly evolving landscape of risk continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing many risk managers and insurers today.

Featured topics in this report:

  • Environmental changes
  • Technological developments
  • Human health and society

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About Emerging Issues

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About Emerging Issues

The Emerging Issues team covers more than 40 emerging risks and trends to help insurers and risk management professionals better identify and understand the risk exposures of the future. Our research also informs product development at Verisk.

Visit the Emerging Issues website to access the latest research and analysis on the newest developments in emerging risk.

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