Coverage Verifier Auto Liability Insurance Reporting

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Meet ALIR requirements and stay ahead of the changes.

ALIR is a compliance expenditure with ever-changing requirements and little return for insurers. Those that don’t maximize efficiency in this function may miss a prime opportunity to save money and free up valuable resources.

CV-ALIR® can help you get off the compliance treadmill and get on with your business.

It’s complicated

You have an ongoing responsibility to help policyholders avoid state fines and penalties. Your ALIR solution needs to be accurate, timely, compliant, and consistent.


You can keep meeting ALIR requirements state by state—or take efficiency to the next level. The choice is yours:

One by one...
Work manually to reach compliance across 37 states—with 37 sets of technical requirements, processes, and protocols.

...or once and done
Let CV-ALIR contain this resource drain as rules change and your business grows. Gain higher efficiency and better security.

You have better uses for your resources

It’s not just a matter of money—it’s staff time and intellectual capital. With CV-ALIR, it's easier to focus on competitive advantages that grow your business. 

But it starts with savings.  One top 10 insurer ran the numbers and found its total ALIR cost reduced by 60%.


Getting Off the Auto Liability Insurance Reporting Compliance Treadmill

ALIR compliance across 37 states puts a double burden on insurers. But there's an opportunity to optimize spending on automated compliance.

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Online verification helps Alabama identify uninsured drivers.jpg

Online verification helps Alabama identify uninsured drivers

Case study: One state managed to cut its uninsured motorist rate by more than half in ten years. Alabama introduced more proofs of insurance, improved error avoidance, and implemented real-time online verifications with frequent book of business uploads from insurers.

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CV-ALIR: On Demand Product Spotlight Webinar

It’s expensive and time-consuming for insurers to create and maintain notification systems that comply with reporting requirements—and keep up with law and regulatory changes. Learn more about how we can help mitigate the strains on your compliance efforts.

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