Essential analytical and pricing tools for reinsurance underwriters and actuaries

Quickly and accurately price commercial property excess-of-loss reinsurance for any number of layers.

With ISO's PSOLD™, a complete exposure-rating tool, you can sharpen your pricing analysis. With the software, you can quickly and easily perform excess-of-loss reinsurance exercises for any layer of loss you specify. And you can perform custom analyses in detail by state and by occupancy in any combination. The PSOLD software lets you confidently price reinsurance treaties and individual risks in a fraction of the time the process previously took.

ISO's PSOLD is the only source of the most current, comprehensive loss history information available for commercial property risks. The PSOLD database contains industry-wide information on more than 4 million occurrences in 50 states and the District of Columbia and 38 occupancy groups. The database contains more than 1 million severity curves that show the size of the expected loss for various policy limits. No other data source can match the credibility and stratification of this database.

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Customize your analyses

You access the PSOLD database through the PSOLD report-generating software.

Using the software, you can customize your analyses by selecting:

  • subline - fire/basic group I, extended coverage/basic group II, special causes of loss, or all perils
  • coverage - buildings, contents, buildings plus contents, or buildings plus contents plus time element

Then, you can specify:

  • amount of insurance in ranges
  • occupancy group(s)
  • state(s)
  • ISO deductible treatment — ground-up or net of deductible
  • custom deductible treatment, indicating specific deductible amount for each group you define
  • whether to include or exclude catastrophe losses
  • syndication ranges
  • excess on excess ranges

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can select the appropriate severity curve based on any combination of the above factors and calculate the average severity within a given layer. If you can't specify information in this detail, the software can produce results based on averages over the entire database.

For any specified loss amount, you can see:

  • the probability that an individual loss will exceed the specified loss amount
  • the expected loss severity when you subject losses to a limit of the specified loss amount
  • the parameters of the size-of-loss distribution for each group of insureds by amount of insurance
  • the parameters of the size-of-loss distribution for all groups of insureds combined

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Easy to export

Because PSOLD is a self-contained rating tool, you can easily perform your entire rating analysis within the software application. You can also export any part of your PSOLD results into spreadsheet applications. The system's user-friendly Microsoft® Windows interface is compatible with all major spreadsheet applications.

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