How quickly and accurately can you price commercial property excess-of-loss reinsurance?

ISO’s PSOLD™ is the most current and comprehensive loss history database for commercial property risks.

No other commercial property size-of-loss database offers:









U.S. states and the District of Columbia



occupancy groups



AOI bands


Decades of data at your fingertips

With PSOLD, you can sharpen your pricing analysis:

  • Bespoke curves for occupancy, AOI band, and peril/coverage tailored to risk
  • Perform excess-of-loss reinsurance exercises for any layer of loss
  • Links to ISO Rapid Valuator for rapid analysis
  • Customize your analysis with selectable subline and coverage fields
  • Work entirely within the PSOLD tool or export to spreadsheet apps

PSOLD links to ISO Rapid Valuator for rapid analysis of loss cost potentials across multiple risks and portfolios.


Casualty Solutions

Property Solutions


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