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Commercial Property Ground-Up and Excess Pricing

PSOLD™ & ISO Rapid Valuator®

How quickly and accurately can you price commercial property excess-of-loss business? Do you have an automated analytical workflow?

Verisk's Property Size of Loss Database (PSOLD) is the most current and comprehensive loss history database for commercial property risks. ISO Rapid Valuator delivers a ground-up and excess loss cost analysis almost instantly.

$38t Aoi $ 38T AOI
7m Curves 7M Curves
50 U 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia
38 Occupancy Groups 38 Occupancy groups
60 Aoi Bands 60 AOI bands

Decades of data at your fingertips

Decades Of Data At Your Fingertips

Decades of data at your fingertips

With PSOLD/IRV, you can sharpen your pricing analysis:

  • Bespoke curves for occupancy, AOI band, and peril/coverage tailored to risk
  • Perform excess-of-loss exercises for any layer of loss
  • Customize your analysis with selectable subline and coverage fields
  • Work entirely within the PSOLD/IRV tool or export to spreadsheet apps
  • Build automated loss cost estimations across multiple risks characteristics and COPE adjustments
  • Integrate catastrophe models for alternative minor catastrophe and hurricane estimates

ISO Rapid Valuator links to PSOLD for analysis of loss cost potentials across multiple risks and portfolios.

Structure your primary, excess, and reinsurance decision-making with unmatched data

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Use PSOLD and ISO Rapid Valuator for dynamic analysis of loss cost potentials across multiple risks and portfolios. Together, the platforms provide complete ground-up and excess pricing even for complex layered risks.

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On demand Webinar: Commercial Lines Strategic Planning with ISO Products

Paasvirtual Premium Audit Advisory Services Virtual Premium Audit Tool Preview

On demand Webinar: Commercial Lines Strategic Planning with ISO Products

Whatever you’re planning for your business’s future – Verisk can likely help. Watch our on-demand webinar, “Commercial Lines Strategic Planning with ISO Products,” now.

Research, benchmark, and visualize broader market results pairing analytics with primary and excess data.

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