A-PLUS Property - Innovative Loss History Solutions

Enable more accurate underwriting and rating at point of quote

It’s no longer necessary to make the trade-off between ordering loss history reports at bind to save money and providing a positive customer experience. With A-PLUS, which draws from one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry, insurers can choose from a suite of innovative solutions to help inform their underwriting and rating decisions as early as the first quote.


Benefits of using A-PLUS Property loss history solutions

  • Helps guide critical underwriting and rating options as early as point of quote
  • Offers ability to customize loss history data types and usage
  • Aids expense optimization by providing the choice of an indicator or full-detail report
  • Improves sales resource and workflow efficiency on targeted prospects
  • Provides flexibility to flag specified loss types
  • Facilitates more accurate initial quotes and helps avoid upcharges at bind
  • Promotes a more seamless quote-to-application experience for new high-value policyholders

A-PLUS Claims Activity Profiler

As an enhancement to our A-PLUS suite of claims reports, we offer the A-PLUS Claims Activity Profiler (CAP). For a nominal fee, this innovative solution provides point-of-quote indicators that signal if a claims history exists for a prospective policyholder.

A-PLUS CAP helps optimize loss history expenses by informing decisions about when to order full-detail reports—at the earliest point in the sales cycle.

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