A-PLUS Personal Lines Loss History Solutions


You don't have to choose between cost savings and a great customer experience.

Understanding claims history is critical to accurate initial quoting, but to save money, many insurers delay ordering loss history data until just before bind.

There's a better way. Verisk can deliver customizable loss history options at point of quote to help optimize expenses.

A-PLUS™ Auto

Pull ahead of the competition

As much as 60 percent of initial auto quotes are adjusted before bind. When brought to the front of the workflow, loss history can help you deliver more accurate quotes and gain a competitive advantage.

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Solutions for the auto market


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A-PLUS™ Property

Bring home satisfied customers

Our tools can help you reduce uprating after the initial quote, improve the customer experience, and win and retain more business.

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Solutions for the property market


Six reasons to move loss history to point of quote

It's a familiar conundrum for many insurers: Ordering loss history is expensive, but not having all the facts until just before binding a policy may lead to a second rate call that’s significantly higher than the first.

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Insurers benefit from moving loss history to point of quote

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Understand loss history before you rate a policy.

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Enable more accurate underwriting and rating at point of quote.

Reasons to contribute to A-PLUS

Unlock the advantages of contributing data to Verisk.

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