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Real-time access. Secure online reporting for multiple users. A wealth of property/casualty information. That’s what ISOnet® delivers to the agency market.


Agency Markets

Verisk and its flagship ISO business offer products to help agents, MGAs, brokers, and other insurance professionals reach new markets and remain competitive.

We maintain some of the largest private databases in the world. Each year, we amass billions of detailed records of collected insurance premiums and paid losses. Professional staff members analyze insurer data and turn it into meaningful information. We offer data and analytics products that give you risk management information, catastrophe claims data, motor vehicle reports, and vehicle rating symbols you can import into your own database.

We’re the recognized leader in producing standardized policy forms and manuals. We employ hundreds of industry experts who develop policy language, rules, loss costs, and many other products that help you compete in the insurance marketplace.

When it comes to evaluating risks, insurance professionals use our property information database, a comprehensive source of underwriting and rating data on millions of commercial buildings and individual businesses occupying those buildings. We offer accurate replacement costs estimates and online reporting of property and hazard information by address.

We catalog thousands of classifications, bulletins, and requirements for all 50 states and certain U.S. territories. Our products help insurance professionals keep current with ISO filings, make their own filings, get the most out of their audits, and remain compliant with ever-changing state requirements and regulations.

Products and Services

ISO offers a broad array of specialty commercial lines insurance programs that make it easy for you to enter and compete in new markets.

Verisk's ProMetrix online underwriting reports provide new risk insights, analytics, and modeling capability to give you a competitive edge.

The PAASbase CD contains a complete reference library of information on premium audit and classification.

ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS) offers comprehensive training manuals for beginning premium auditors and reviewers. The self-contained manuals are available for workers' compensation, general liability, and commercial auto.

To help premium auditors and reviewers in their day-to-day work, PAAS® offers three publications that summarize important rating information state by state.

PAAS on ISOnet gives you a complete reference library of information on premium audit and classification.

PAAS classification guides provide detailed descriptions of all ISO general liability classifications and NCCI workers comp classifications.

ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) publishes a series of bulletins to keep subscribers up to date on issues of importance to the premium audit function.

Just the FAQs is a useful compilation of questions and answers from the PAAS® consultation service.

With ISO's simplified medical professional liability program, you'll find a range of options to tailor your policies to your specific risks.

ISO’s Management Protection Program offers protection from a wide range of risks, including executive liability (directors and officers liability).

ISO’s Commercial Inland Marine Program gives you access to information for both filed and nonfiled classes of business.

The Financial Institutions Program is a package of policies with separate limits and deductibles to meet the specific needs of your banking and financial customers.

Designed for use over the CGL and commercial auto policies, the ISO Commercial Umbrella Program includes policy forms, endorsements, and rules.

Make the Most of Market Movements

Verisk's Insurance Consulting can provide actuarial consulting and ISO product support to insurers of all sizes. Our insurance consultants can help you leverage granular data and analytics to better understand market trends and how they may affect lines of business, business classes and your strategic direction.

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