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Property Underwriting Solutions

Get the full picture of risk for the properties you insure

Verisk is an industry leader in providing property data, analytics, and insights. Our unique data assets cover millions of properties across the United States.

Address-level information to underwrite and price risk

Address Level Information

Address-level information to underwrite and price risk

Risk-specific, address-level information guides underwriting and pricing, portfolio management, and fully informed renewals through a suite of solutions that put critical data in one place.

Pursuing new markets can be challenging. See how Verisk's ecosystem can help.

Data-driven ITV, from quote to renewal

Data Driven Itv

Data-driven ITV, from quote to renewal

Ensuring insurance to value (ITV)—from new business to renewal—is good for you and your policyholders: They’re better protected in the event of a total loss, and you collect premiums appropriate to the risk.

Get at a comprehensive view of roof risk

Commercial And Residential Property Roofs

Get at a comprehensive view of roof risk

Getting inspectors on the roof can be a challenge and using web images can be manual or misleading. Verisk delivers extensive roof insights that can help you identify high-risk exposures and better manage risk across the policy lifecycle

Identify and verify critical risk characteristics

Underwriting Inspections

Identify and verify critical risk characteristics

Inspection is a vital underwriting step, but can add time, cost, and complexity to workflow. Verisk can help optimize the inspection experience for you and your policyholders.

Track the latest changes to reconstruction costs

360value Reports Thumb

Reconstruction costs can change over time, and at different rates by geography, down to a very localized level. Each quarter, Verisk’s reconstruction cost data reports provide reconstruction cost trends at the national and state/province levels for the U.S. and Canada.

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Identify nature's most active zones


Identify nature's most active zones

Climate change and population shifts toward areas prone to catastrophe are heightening the need for personal and commercial lines insurers to understand their exposure to potentially devastating losses.

Verisk’s innovative property underwriting products and tools span the policy life cycle

Commercial Property Solutions

Commercial Property Solutions

With reliable data from our database of more than 12.2 million properties, 26 million businesses, 2.6 million OSHA violations, and 15 million restaurant violations, you get essential information for your underwriting.

Learn more about commercial property solutions
Personal Property

Personal Property Solutions

With growing complexity in personal property risk and rising customer expectations, how do insurers achieve sound underwriting and pricing at a competitive pace?

Learn more about personal property solutions

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