General Liability

Is your general liability program keeping up with the pace of today’s business exposures?

With the Verisk suite of general liability solutions, you can cover a wide range of established and emerging business liability risks and gain access to a variety of data, analytics and compliance tools to drive your insurance business forward.

The ISO General Liability program

Verisk is a leader in offering the forms, loss costs, rating related information, classifications and rules, for general liability insurers. With policy language to cover both common and industry-specific risks, the general liability program also offers classifications for newer risks, such as cannabis and drones. Informed by our deep bench of actuarial talent and insurance experts, the ISO General Liability Program can help you enter new markets, improve performance in existing ones and deliver the general liability coverage solutions your customers expect.

Iso Forms Policy Programs

Setting the standard

ISO is an industry leader in standardized insurance policy forms covering a wide range of general liability risk exposures.

Learn about ISO Forms 
Iso Rules

Rating rules you can trust

Clear, actuarially-sound rating information for pricing general liability coverages across all industry classes.

Learn about ISO Rules 
Iso Loss Costs

Timely, validated loss costs

Sharpen your pricing and improve the credibility of your analysis with aggregated industry data.

Learn about ISO Loss Costs 

Evolving at the speed of business

General Liability Program

Evolving at the speed of business

The ISO General Liability program is evolving to address today’s loss exposures. Learn how we’re enhancing the program to cover the next generation of liability risks for the next generation of insurance talent.

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Drive workflow efficiencies

Don’t let your general liability business get bogged down in busy work.

Powerful strategic insights

Build your strategic plans with analytics and insights from one of the world’s largest private insurance databases and a powerful case law solution.

Iso Datacube

Benchmark with confidence

ISO DataCube™ provides granular, aggregated premium and loss experience data for benchmarking, strategic planning and more.

Learn about ISO DataCube 
Iso Market Landscape

Visualize your next move

With ISO Market Landscape™ you can visualize your company’s general liability performance and compare it against statistics from the ISO database.

Learn about ISO Market Landscape 

Keep pace with case law

CourtSide™ tracks and scores hundreds of general liability cases, so you can monitor and incorporate critical insurance case law decisions into your business.

Learn about CourtSide 

Your data needs, our experts

From stat reporting to optimizing data operations and easing compliance burdens, Verisk has the tools and expertise to help you make the most of your valuable data.

Iso Statistical Service

Tame your compliance challenges

Tap industry-leading databases and a wealth of data and analytics to meet data reporting requirements with ISO Statistical Service.

Learn about ISO Statistical Service 
Iso Preferred Data Partnership

Enhance reporting processes

Is statistical reporting consuming valuable resources? With the ISO Preferred Data Partnership, you can streamline your data and compliance operations.

Learn about ISO Preferred Data Partnership 
Data Management Services

Unleash the power of your data

Our Data Management Services can help improve the quality of your data so you can focus on growing your business.

Learn about Data Management Services 
State Filing Forms

Fast track your filings

The ISO State Filing Forms library provides access to over 1,200 forms from around the country along with instructions on how to use them.

Learn about State Filing Forms 
State Filing Handbook

Stay abreast of filing requirements

For over two decades, insurers have relied on the ISO State Filing Handbook for information on filing rates, rules and forms in all jurisdictions.

Learn about State Filing Handbook 

Get the ground truth

Verisk delivers critical solutions to help general liability insurers improve exposure classifications and fight premium leakage.

Do the math

What do you get when you take industry-leading insurance data assets and add a deep bench of actuarial talent? The models, analytics and insights you need to help drive your insurance business forward.

Actuarial And Strategic Data Insights

Tap into deep actuarial insights

ISO Actuarial & Strategic Data Insights provides the critical data you need to help enhance your decision making and boost your productivity and profitability.

Learn about Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights 
Size Of Loss Matrix Hero

Supercharge your research

Leverage an industry-leading data and analytics platform for high-level graphical visualizations across a variety of research needs.

Learn about ISO Size-of-Loss Matrix 

Analyze your reinsurance treaties

ISO MILD™ (Multi-Dimensional Increased Limits Developer) delivers a complete exposure rating model to perform the most sophisticated custom analyses without cumbersome formulas.

Learn about MILD 
Iso Marketwatch

Hone your underwriting strategy

ISO MarketWatch® delivers a wealth of continually updated data to help improve market-level underwriting strategies and pricing assumptions.

Learn about ISO MarketWatch Services 

Is a new wave of social inflation here? We do see suggestive indicators.

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Learn about new ISO insurance policy forms and updates addressing cannabis-related liability exposures.

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Five big changes coming to ISO Commercial Lines insurance programs

Learn about the changes ISO is making to its cyber, commercial property, general liability, businessowners, and commercial property insurance policy programs.

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Sweeping enhancements to the ISO General Liability program are coming. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn how Verisk is updating the ISO General Liability program with new classifications, forms, rules, and loss costs.

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