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How can the Verisk Data Exchange™ help you launch and grow your UBI business with connected car data?

Whether you are preparing to enter the telematics market or already have a usage-based insurance (UBI) program, Verisk has the solutions you need to grow your business and delight consumers.

With the Verisk Data Exchange, drivers consent to share driving behavior from their connected vehicle through their automaker. The Exchange then begins collecting a rolling record of VIN-level data. Using advanced analytics, the telemetry is cleansed and normalized – refined into a uniform, source-agnostic format that is immediately usable by insurers.

Whether you need driving data for analysis, modeling, or rating, Verisk makes it easy to tap into data from millions of connected vehicles.

Just getting started with telematics?

Learn how the Verisk Data Exchange™ can accelerate your research, modeling and product development efforts.

Leverage Telematics Data

Analyze telematics data at scale – from your own policyholders

Anonymized, real-world historical driving data matched with your own premium and loss information are the key ingredients for a robust telematics analysis.

Learn about Model-Ready Data 
Skip The Pilot

Skip the pilot, jump straight to telematics insights in weeks

Let our expert team do the heavy lifting, providing you with a frictionless way to prove the business case for telematics and support strategic decision making.

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Ready to implement telematics?

Avoid Speedbumps

Ready to implement telematics?

Verisk’s proprietary scoring model lays the foundation for an expansive usage-based insurance program and gives you a speed to market advantage.

Bypass the complexities of UBI model creation and start writing business with Verisk’s loss-based predictive model and associated rating rule – filed and available in 43 states.

Looking to grow your usage-based insurance program?

Customizable Driving Data

Looking to grow your usage-based insurance program?

Multi-source driving data from Verisk is insurance-ready, a powerful opportunity to scale-up your telematics program.

Normalized driving data, packaged to meet the requirements of your existing UBI scoring model, lets you tap into the connected car channel and deliver instant discounts at point of sale.

Interested in learning more about how the Verisk Data Exchange™ can help you on your own telematics journey?

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