Accelerating Your Telematics Journey

Customer success stories: real insurers, real results

How can insurers respond to growing consumer demand for usage-based insurance?

Usage-based insurance (UBI) programs that leverage driving behavior data from connected cars can help you attain a competitive edge. But getting started and achieving scale can be difficult for many insurers. To succeed on your telematics journey, you need efficient access to insurance-ready data, the right technology, and an experienced team of knowledgeable experts. You need Verisk.

Tap into the connected car channel to attract, serve, and retain good drivers with the Verisk Data Exchange™.

Customer success stories: real insurers, real results

For over six years, the Verisk Data Exchange™ has helped insurers of all shapes and sizes to develop, launch and scale usage-based insurance programs. We work with numerous automakers and employ advanced analytics to harmonize driving data from a wide range of connected vehicle makes and models. This insurance-ready information is made available through products that support insurers across the life cycle of telematics.

Hear customer success stories about how we have delivered real results for real insurers and discover how Verisk can help your business on the telematics journey:

The first-of-its-kind Verisk Data Exchange™ has:

170b Lolly V2

Miles of driving data


Consenting drivers

200 K

New vehicles monthly

Automakers contributing to the Verisk Data Exchange™:

General Motors

And continuously expanding to help insurers deliver UBI benefits to more customers.

Are you an automaker looking for opportunities to enhance the experience for your customers?

Telematics data from connected cars is more than just a fast-growing market for insurance companies, it’s an opportunity to help your customers save money and provide them with new tools that promote safe driving. If you are an automaker looking for new ways to engage with insurers, connect with Verisk to learn how you can benefit from the usage-based insurance opportunity.

Get Started With Telematics

Get Started with Telematics

Building the business case for telematics or developing a scoring model? Verisk can get you on the road fast.

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Use Connected Car Data in Production

Verisk’s turnkey rating program and customizable driving data service can quickly get you into the market and growing.

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