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Verisk Property Report

Get insights on critical trends in the property restoration industries four times a year

Verisk Property Reports are loaded with useful information that breaks down significant trends from North America (US and Canada) into easy-to-read charts with detailed expert analysis to support your work in the property industry.

These reports provide exclusive information on claims trends, examine key construction indicators, and depict rate changes for building repair costs. 

Information contained in Verisk Property Reports is compiled from research gathered by Verisk Pricing Data Services and XactAnalysis, the first, largest, and only full-cycle claims management and analytical network in the property insurance industry. 

Whether you're an adjuster, insurer, contractor, or service provider, Verisk Property Reports are useful guides that will help you better understand the previous quarter and plan for upcoming quarters more effectively. 

Q1 2024 Property Report

2022 US report thumbnail

To match the fast pace of the market, we publish the Verisk Property Report for North America every quarter. Every three months, you get: 

  • Up-to-date insights: Stay ahead of the curve with fresh data and analysis every quarter, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the latest trends and developments.
  • Granularity where you need it: Get a closer look at seasonal fluctuations and quarterly performance, facilitating more nuanced understanding and tailored strategic planning.
  • Enhanced agility: Respond quickly to emerging trends and market shifts with near-real-time data insights. 

The Verisk Property Report tells the story behind these events through the lens of claims and pricing and delivers valuable insight into the trends shaping the industry.

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