Who’s Funding Their Case?

A New Report on Third-Party Litigation Funding

There’s a new legal trend on the rise in the U.S. that’s already taken hold in Australia, the U.K., and other countries – cases being funded by third parties who aren’t parties to the litigation. While there are arguments for and against this emerging trend, the bottom line is that insurers would do well to be educated in all the implications of the growing role of outsider case funding sources. Download our comprehensive new report, Follow the New Money Trail: The Rise of Third-Party Litigation Funding, to take a deep dive into this concerning trend.

The report covers:

  • What is third-party litigation funding?
  • Origins and trends
  • Understanding the battlelines
  • Discovery issues and questions
  • Recent regulatory trends
  • Big picture views (claims impact, social inflation, etc.)

Learn more about the growth of third-party litigation funding in claims litigation, current issues facing insurers, and watch-list items regarding this rapidly developing area.

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