Sprinkler Assessment: Fighting Fire Where It Starts

Sprinkler systems can prevent deaths, injury, and property damage

Our white paper, Fighting fire where it starts, explains how the Verisk Sprinkler Assessment Report can help insurers identify such risks as:

  • Gaps in inspection, testing, and maintenance
  • Changes in occupancy that can increase fire hazards
  • Inadequate water supply for the sprinkler system or fire department
  • Human error, including painted-over sprinklers and closed valves

Download the full report to learn how the Verisk Sprinkler Assessment Report (SAR) helps insurers mitigate risk, educate their customers, and effectively underwrite properties by ensuring a sprinkler system is ready to put out a fire before it spreads.

Learn more about how Verisk helps insurers assess underlying risks and hidden exposures to correctly price commercial property policies.

Download the white paper