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Marine and Energy, Cyber, Aviation, and Terror/SRCC

Emerging Risks. New Opportunities!

Diversify your risk portfolio with new global risk

With the world entering a host of unexplored economic, social, and technological territories, the time is right to diversify your risk. With new capital reinforcing the specialized global reinsurance markets such as Marine and Energy, Cyber, Aviation, and Terror/SRCC, there is a wide range of opportunities to expand your portfolio.

Fill out the form to access these resources and learn more about risk opportunities across Marine and Energy, Cyber, Aviation, and Terror/SRCC to better plan for today and the future.

Multi-pillar Global Risk

  • Article: In our industry we rely on the past to have a glimpse of the future: Mican, PCS
  • Brochure: Everything You Need to Know about PCS

Marine and Energy

  • White Paper: PCS Global Specialty Information-Only Briefing: Ukraine Update
  • Article: Ukraine conflict and impact on trade and transport for marine


  • White Paper: ILS Funds and Non-Affirmative Cyber Risk


  • Article: Insured losses from Ukraine: A first step toward clarity


  • White Paper: Riots and Retail: An Emerging Worldwide Insurance Problem
  • White Paper: Political Violence and the ILS Market: Frank Perspectives, Real Potential
  • White Paper: Five Ways Political Risk Has Changed Natural Catastrophe Risk for Years to Come
  • Article: PCS looking at $1bn industry loss from South Africa riots


  • Article: This is how to avoid climate crisis becoming the trigger for social unrest

Access the resources

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