Transfer EPN Service

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Forms Needed

Steps to Follow

Employers who are currently issued an EPN Requester Code and are processing through the state or another vendor should perform the following to establish a new EPN Agent:

  1. Obtain a billing statement from the EPN Program office
    - Phone number - 916-657-6346
    - Verify there are no outstanding balances
    - All outstanding balances must be handled before an EPN Agent change can occur
  2. Complete Form INF 2110
    - Fill out only Section 1
    - The information in Section 1 must be as it is recorded with the EPN Program office. This information can be located on any EPN MVR printout
    - This form is what designates iiX to act as the employer’s EPN agent
  3. If any information has changed (address, phone, contact, etc.), complete Form INF 4 and send in with other paperwork
  4. If processing with another authorized agent, and not with the state, the employer must terminate the relationship
    - Send a notice of termination to the current EPN agent, providing 30 days notice of cancellation
    - Forward a copy of the termination notice, along with the other paperwork, to iiX
  5. After completing the above form, please sign, scan and email a copy of the form to
  6. Once the forms are received, iiX will complete INF 2110, Section 2 and forward the form via email to the EPN Program office for processing.
    - This packet will also include a copy of the termination letter with the employer’s current agent. 
    - The current EPN agent must contact the EPN Program office 1-2 days before the scheduled termination date to verify cancellation of services.
  7. The following will occur once the forms are received at the state:
    - Verify the employer is not currently set up with an EPN Requester Code and then hand off to the EPN IT department for set up
    - The EPN IT department will electronically establish the new EPN Agent/Employer relationship
    - Notify iiX that the employer set up has been completed
    - Send iiX the current driver list on file
  8. iiX will notify the employer that the EPN Program Office has completed its set up
  9. Employer can now maintain its employees through iiX’s platform

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