EPN Program Employer Responsibilities

Employer acknowledges and understands that:

  1. Utilizing an EPN Agent does not absolve the Employer of any responsibility for compliance with the provisions described in the CVC Section 1808.1.
  2. Hereinafter all record information will be exclusively forwarded to the EPN Agent, Employer will not have the option of requesting record information to be sent to the Employer's place of business until this authorization is rescinded.
  3. Upon obtaining the services of an EPN Agent, Employer must notify DMV (by telephone or fax) and request a billing statement of all unpaid charges. EPN Agent will then submit total payment of unpaid balance, on Employer's behalf, enabling the EPN Agent to begin with a new billing cycle and balance.
  4. Employer agrees to notify DMV, in writing, at least 2 weeks prior to terminating the services of the EPN Agent. Upon receipt of notification all record information will revert back to the Employer's address of record.
  5. Employer acknowledges that DMV records contain restricted information, and Employer has read and understands the provisions of CVC Section 1808.47.
  6. Employer and EPN Agent understands and acknowledges that any failure to maintain confidentiality is both civilly and criminally punishable pursuant to CVC Sections 1808.45 and 1808.46.
  7. Employer understands, acknowledges and agrees to absolve and hold harmless the department in any failure on the part of the EPN Agent's non-compliance of agreements established as a result of this process.
  8. Employer understands, acknowledges and agrees to absolve and hold harmless the department in any failure on the part of the EPN Agent for non-receipt of driver record information in a timely manner.
  9. Should the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) cancel, revoke, or terminate the EPN Agent's authority to obtain DMV records, the EPN Agent/Employer relationship shall immediately be dissolved and EPN Agent must return all DMV records back to the Employer’s address of record within 48 hours.
  10. EPN Agent will submit this Authorization form to DMV, and a copy of the Authorization form containing the Employer's signature must be retained at the Employer’s place of business, and made available upon request to DMV Audit staff and the California Highway Patrol.
  11. DMV record information must be presented in its entirety either in the pre-approved hardcopy format as provided by DMV to the EPN Agent, or if electronic, the date and unique identifier of the individual reviewing the driver record must be placed on the electronic records received from DMV at the time first reviewed. The identifiers must be permanent and unalterable.

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