California EPN

Designation of iiX As An Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Agent

Please note, California has different requirements regarding the monitoring process and how records are obtained and secured as compared to other states. Please maintain the EPN record for only as long as your business purpose requires.

To view a list of frequently asked questions and answers provided by the California EPN authority, click California EPN FAQ .

The EPN Program was established to provide employers and regulatory agencies with a means of promoting driver safety through the ongoing review of driver records. An employer enrolled in the EPN Program is assigned a requester code. The requester code is added to an employee’s driver license record. When the employee’s record has an action/activity recorded on it, a driver record is generated and sent to the employer on file.

Employers must enroll any driver employed for the operation of any vehicle if the driver is required to have any of the following:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C with Hazardous Materials Endorsement
  • Class C with Special Certificates issued
  • Any driver of a passenger vehicle having a seating capacity of not more than 10 (including the driver) operated for compensation by a charter-party carrier of passengers
  • Passenger stage corporation with a certificate of public convenience and necessity or permit issued by PUC

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