Adding or Removing Drivers to the EPN Program

To view a list of frequently asked questions and answers provided by the California EPN authority, click California EPN FAQ .

There are two types of licensed drivers that can be added to the EPN Program - California licensed drivers and Out-of-State licensed drivers

Forms Needed

California Licensed Drivers

  • To add/remove drivers that possess a CA driver’s license, use ExpressNet’s add/delete option for DriverAdvisor
  • Changes done in ExpressNet are sent to the EPN Program automatically
  • Drivers should be added to ExpressNet once they have been formally hired and deleted upon termination from employment

Out-of-state Licensed Drivers

Adding Out-of-state Licensed Drivers

  • Any out-of-state driver who is considered a mandated driver by statute, and drives in California a minimum of 30 days in a six-month period, should be added to the EPN Program.
  • Out-of-state drivers will be assigned a ’license number’ (Index Number) beginning with an ’X’
  • Activity is added to the record in the same manner it is for in state licensed drivers
  • There is not a way to electronically add out-of-state drivers to the EPN Program through an electronic means. To add out-of-state drivers, perform the following:
    1. Complete Form INF 1102
    2. After completing the above form, please forward the original copies with the "wet" signature by mail to:
      Attn: Government Relations
      1716 Briarcrest Drive, Suite 200
      Bryan, TX 77802
    3. Once the form is received, iiX will forward the original, by Federal Express Standard, to the EPN Program office for processing
    4. The state will create a driver record in its system with an index number beginning with ’X’
    5. The state will notify iiX once the out-of-state driver(s) have been added to the employer’s account
    6. iiX will notify the employer
    7. The employer can now maintain its employees through iiX’ s platform

Deleting Out-of-state Licensed Drivers

  • Employers wishing to delete out-of-state license drivers from the EPN program can simply disable monitoring for the driver in ExpressNet
  • The removal from the EPN Program will be processed automatically

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