Verification Searches – Employment History, Education Verification, DOT

Employment application verification

Confirm an applicant’s past employment and educational attainments quickly and easily through iiX verification searches.

Employment history search — Confirming previous employment helps you determine the validity of the resume and if the applicant's credentials fit the job requirements. iiX employment history searches help you by verifying an applicant's current and previous work history, including dates of employment, job titles, eligibility for rehire, and salary.

Education Verification – Education history is commonly falsified on resumes and job applications. iiX can verify an applicant’s stated educational attainments by checking each school listed as attended and verifying location, school type, degree(s) earned and dates of attendance.

DOT-Compliant Employment Verification – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (Sec. 391.23) requires a three-year history of all Department of Transportation (DOT) positions to be verified by former employers. This iiX service provides a comprehensive DOT employment verification check that includes drug and alcohol testing information and accident history for DOT requirements and standard employment verification information.