DriverSafe Plus

DriverSafe Plus

Effectively manage driver-related risk across your entire fleet with our user-friendly web-based analytics platform.

Improving safety, maintaining compliance, and reducing your liability across your roster of drivers is critical for the health of your business. Don’t rely on a stack of spreadsheets to piece together what’s really going on.

DriverSafe® Plus is iiX’s easy-to-use interactive driver-risk management platform that analyzes motor vehicle report (MVR) data in minutes — even for thousands of drivers.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can perform analyses that will help you take appropriate actions to reduce driver liability before it causes real problems. Simply log in through our secure web portal to access a dashboard of critical MVR metrics across all your accounts and locations. You can even schedule MVR requests in advance, making it easier for you to administer your compliance program.

With our dynamic filtering option, you can easily:

  • evaluate enterprisewide driver performance
  • compare drivers by region or other key driver group attributes
  • see detailed information on individual accounts or drivers

And with storage of MVRs and employee records, DriverSafe Plus makes it easy to spot trends and identify high-risk drivers.