SSN Verification Report

Social security cards

Verify that your employee names and Social Security numbers (SSN) match Social Security's records.

As a best practice, the Social Security number (SSN) verification report is recommended as the first step toward a thorough criminal history.

The SSN verification report is a compilation of information based on an individual’s credit history that includes the validity of the SSN, year and state the SSN was issued, and the address history.

With SSN verification reports through iiX, you can quickly identify an applicant’s address history to establish the appropriate county-level jurisdictions for conducting criminal activity searches. The CheckPlus Premium criminal records search package starts with a SSN Verification report and then offers suggestions of jurisdictions to search based on the results. Using iiX's other convenient a la carte ordering options, the SSN Verification can reveal possible jurisdictions to search, based on your specific requirements.

Then through iiX’s convenient ordering options, you can easily order the criminal records searches you need, based on your specific requirements.

For a more extensive search, you can also check Sex Offender Registries and OFAC’s Sanctions list.