Criminal Records Searches

Criminal Background Checks

Avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce recruiting time and costs, and hire the best employees with criminal background checks through iiX.

iiX offers verified criminal background checks that you can customize to fit your company’s specific needs. Customizable searches provide more complete coverage and can reveal crimes prosecuted at different levels in the U.S. Court System.

Single County Criminal Search — provides current criminal information on file at county courthouses and/or court databases. We offer searches for all U.S. counties, and reports can include complete case and defendant information.

State Criminal Search — covers all participating jurisdictions within a particular state. Records included will vary depending on jurisdiction and can include court records, inmate records, and sex offender registries.

Federal Criminal Search — checks for crimes prosecuted in U.S. District Courts within selected states. Due to the redaction of "personal identifiable information" from federal court records, the federal criminal searches provide name-only matches.

Sex Offender Registries Search – a nationwide search of all sex offender registries. This search supplements iiX criminal searches because some persons who have not been convicted of a crime may appear on the sex offender registries. This search is particularly important for protecting at-risk populations, including women, children, the elderly, the infirmed or mentally challenged.

For a more extensive search, iiX also offers checks of government and Medicare/Medicaid sanctions lists.