CheckPlus Premium

Employees to screen

Avoid costly hiring mistakes by using criminal background information that’s verified at the source and FCRA compliant.

Don’t let a bad hire cost your business untold dollars in lost productivity, wasted training, lost customers, and resources needed to recruit a replacement. With CheckPlus Premium, iiX’s premier employee screening tool, you’ll have access to critical background information for making informed hiring decisions and providing a safe workplace.

CheckPlus Premium provides nationwide county-level criminal record searches based on a person’s address history and Social Security number and draws upon the most current criminal history information available.

With CheckPlus Premium, you also get:

  • National Sex Offender Registry search
  • OFAC’s Sanctions list search
  • Multistate index of criminal and arrest records search
  • Department of Corrections records search

The screening tool verifies all data directly at the source for accurate results and fewer false positives. You can be confident each search is 100 percent compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

If you’re looking for a slightly less involved search for hiring lower-sensitivity positions or as an ongoing background search program, we also offer CheckPlus.

See how they compare:

What's includedCheckPlus
Social Security number (SSN) verification report X X
County-level search for criminal records X X
Sex Offender Registries searches X X
OFAC’s Sanctions List search X  
Multistate index of criminal and arrest records search X  
Department of Corrections records search X