Compliance - Adverse Action Notices

Shocked person reading notice

Maintain FCRA compliance by providing necessary notification to applicants and employees regarding results of background checks.

You can quickly and efficiently process Adverse Action Notices from within iiX’s ExpressNet while viewing completed background check reports.

When an Adverse Action Notice is required, you simply select the applicant/employee who is the subject of the actionable report(s) and enter a mailing address for that applicant/employee. ExpressNet generates and mails both "pre" and “final” Adverse Action Notices to the applicant/employee.

The "pre" Adverse Action Notice includes consumer rights information required by the FCRA, a copy of the consumer report, and the Adverse Action Notice.

You have the option of customizing iiX’s standard language for the notices, as well as the length of time between the “pre” and “final” notice mailings. You also have the ability to manage your notices, including placing a "hold" on the release of the final Adverse Action Notice should the applicant/employee dispute information.