Effectively manage driver-related risk across your entire fleet with our user-friendly web-based analytics platform.

Easily keep track of changes in your drivers’ motor vehicle records (MVRs) as they happen...

Quickly and easily get MVRs from any state in a uniform, easy-to-read format — complete with translations of violation codes.

Now you can order your PSP record, motor vehicle report (MVR), and background screening with just one click.

Easily search the commercial driver’s license history of your applicant in any state and reduce the risk of hiring a dangerous driver.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes by using criminal background information that’s verified at the source and FCRA compliant.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce recruiting time and costs, and hire the best employees with criminal background checks through iiX.

Verify that your employee names and Social Security numbers (SSN) match Social Security's records.

Make sure your applicant is not on any government watch or Medicare and Medicaid sanctions list.

Confirm an applicant’s past employment and educational attainments quickly and easily through iiX verification searches.

Maintain FCRA compliance by providing necessary notification to applicants and employees regarding results of background checks.