The Science of Workers' Comp Analytics Made Easy

By Robert Lewis  |  January 29, 2014


The predictive analytics functional process is complex. Claims, carriers, TPAs, and self-insureds of all sizes must follow a series of steps before they can accurately and reliably score claims. First, they need to analyze and categorize a series of inputs. Then they must test, check, and validate data before they apply a range of multivariate models and machine learning algorithms in the analytics database and logic engine. At that point, they can connect obscure, hidden, and disparate relationships in the data to reflect an appropriate score for each claim.

Workers' Comp Predictive Analytics Made Easy

But there’s an easier way to reap the rewards of a complex predictive analytics model. Our wcNavigator® tool tackles the complex analytics, and you simply get the results.

At ISO Claims Partners, we’ve made the science of predictive analytics easy and robust. wcNavigator® takes client claims data, enhances it with industrywide claims data, and does all the technical work. You get a reliable score upon which your claims department can take immediate action to get the best outcomes. Find out how to produce results with the easy, streamlined wcNavigator® system.

Rob Lewis

Robert Lewis is president of ISO Claims Partners, a leading provider of compliance services for many of the world’s largest insurers, third-party administrators, and Fortune 1000 companies. His primary focus is on strategic initiatives and product innovations.