Section 111 Level Set Changes, Updates & Watch List Items For 2015

By Mark Popolizio  |  January 14, 2015

It has been roughly seven years since the Section 111 reporting requirements were enacted into law. During this time, the industry has witnessed and worked through numerous changes, updates, and challenges as part of CMS’ Mandatory Insurer Reporting directives.

In keeping with this history, 2015 harbors some important changes that will directly impact RREs and their Section 111 compliance obligations. Thus, as we enter a new year, it is a perfect time for a Section 111 “level set.”

This article sorts out where we are with Section 111, where we are headed, and what to expect in 2015 through a series of four charts as follows:

Chart 1: Current NGHP User Guide

Chart 2: Current TPOC Monetary Thresholds

Chart 3: Changes Taking Effect in 2015

Chart 4: Section 111 Watch List Items

Click here to review these informational charts.

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Mark Popolizio

Mark Popolizio is the Vice President of MSP Compliance and Policy for ISO Claims Partners. Mark’s area of specialty is Medicare secondary payer compliance. He authors regular articles and provides educational presentations across the country on MSP issues. Mark's e-mail address is