Inspired by the needs of our customers

Create value with unique data and emerging technologies

Innovation—one of the key pillars of The Verisk Way—is the essence of who we are and what we do.

Every day, Verisk works to create value for our customers by reimagining our solutions and markets—and help them make better decisions about risk, investments, and operations with greater precision, efficiency, and discipline. Our innovation culture permeates how we think and act to meet customers’ ever-changing needs. We use the latest technology including AI, machine learning, and automation, to analyze vast amounts of proprietary data in insightful ways and create platforms and tools that cross industries and markets.

Chairman, President, and CEO Scott Stephenson fuels Verisk’s drive to innovate. Scott has been championing Verisk’s culture of innovation since he joined the organization in 2001. His passion for envisioning future challenges and ways to help customers meet them shows in his visionary leadership.

Verisk’s capacity to innovate, our customer focus, and data analytics mindset—the core of our leadership philosophy—help customers minimize risk and maximize value.

Encouraging, investing in, and implementing the best set of Big Bold Ideas provide us with great opportunities to serve our customers, remain competitive, expand our reach, and help us maximize return for our shareholders.

  • Scott Stephenson
  • Chairman, President, and CEO

A Few of Our Innovations

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Forbes' Most Innovative Leaders

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Forbes' Most Innovative Leaders

Scott has been recognized by Forbes in a ranking of the World’s Most Innovative Leaders, earning a place in the top 25 among other high-powered business leaders. The list is derived from the newly released book from Harvard Business Review Press Innovation Capital: How to Compete and Win Like the World’s Most Innovative Leaders.

Scott has also been recognized as number 16 in Forbes’ ranking of America’s Most Innovative Leaders.

Those on the lists are cited as leaders who possess the two skills critical for becoming successful champions of innovation—forward thinking and proactive problem solving.