Accurate date-of-loss

At least 30 percent of hail claims are assigned an incorrect date or cause of loss industry wide. Verisk – insurance solutions claims data analytics services can help insurers improve claims accuracy and increase recoveries. The service helps insurers identify issues—and more—in an efficient and accurate manner.

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Our claims data analysis service provides:

  • Thorough review of historical weather-related claims
  • Reliable information on loss verification and catastrophe recoveries
  • Systematic reviews to determine the best date of loss
  • Insight on the number of claims you can expect from an event
  • Knowledge for proper resource deployment and reserves

We use accurate information from our Benchmark™ database of property-specific weather history. Our near-real-time data lets you understand the effect of severe weather events on your book of business quickly in a useful format.

When coupled with our Respond™ service for hurricane, you get a forecast of wind up to five days ahead and a post-storm analysis. You can prepare for hurricanes by understanding potential effects on policies before the system even makes landfall.

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