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Gain greater insight into the vehicles you insure

Until now, insurers have relied on a standard level of VIN decoding that was limited to information embedded in the first 10 digits of the VIN, such as year, make, model, and some standard equipment.

Make the most of the VIN for deeper insight into the vehicles you insure

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Make the most of the VIN for deeper insight into the vehicles you insure

TrueVIN gives insurers more details and insights on the vehicles they insure, using build-sheet data and the 17-digit VIN to uncover features that are standard on all trim levels, as well as factory-installed optional equipment.

A clearer, more in-depth picture is now available

Knowing each vehicle you insure in granular detail is critical in today’s competitive personal auto market for underwriting, rating, and claims adjusting.

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Deeper vehicle insight, one digit at a time: TrueVIN

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Deeper vehicle insight, one digit at a time: TrueVIN

View our Thursday Product Spotlight webinar to learn how TrueVIN, the advanced VIN decoder, can help uncover critical risk information embedded in the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Vehicle autonomy and automation

Vehicle Autonomy And Automation

Vehicle autonomy and automation

With the spread of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), including blind spot intervention, lane departure prevention, and forward collision warning, it’s valuable for insurers to know precisely which features are installed in a specific vehicle.

TrueVIN functions within Verisk’s full ecosystem of ADAS solutions.

Additional insights

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New ISO study: ADAS impact comes into focus

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Build sheet data: Keeping pace with the cars

New vehicle owners are driving in an ever-denser cocoon of convenience and safety features.

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