Improve recoveries with faster subrogation

Identifying subrogation opportunities faster means less claim leakage, quicker recoveries, and greater customer satisfaction for insurers. ISO ClaimSearch® Subrogation Solutions help insurers get those results by automatically delivering data essential to initiating the recovery process.

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Learn how Subrogation Solutions can help you detect recovery opportunities

162 days is the average time from subrogation assignment to first dollar recovered on uninsured cases.

Never miss out on a subrogation opportunity again

Insurance adjusters no longer have to waste unnecessary time evaluating a claim for subrogation potential or waiting for a police report to discover the adverse carrier. The Carrier Identified Notification feature provides automatic alerts within ISO ClaimSearch whenever there’s another insurer on a claim and provides the third-party adjuster’s contact information when available.


Streamline Your Subrogation for Better Results

Discover how adjusters can save time and improve efficiency by accessing subrogation tools within their claim processing workflow.

Get third-party coverage details closer to FNOL

Easily find out a third party’s insurance coverage with the Policy Insights Report so you can quickly begin the subrogation process. The detailed report includes:

  • policy information
  • mailing address
  • vehicle information
  • driver information

Improve customer satisfaction and expedite recoveries

  • Return or waive insured deductibles quickly
  • Discover more subrogation opportunities
  • Shorten subrogation cycle times and reduce loss adjustment expenses
  • Eliminate workflow inefficiencies with quick access to information

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