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You weathered the Great Recession, but owning and investing in commercial real estate remain a challenge. The market is cyclical in nature, and it’s impossible to predict every nuance. Owners and investors need flexibility while employing tactics to protect their businesses. You need reliable data and analytics at the property, enterprise, and regional levels to make sure investments are profitable. Verisk Commercial Real Estate offers data and risk analytics on properties, locations, and tenancy—all elements required for capital growth and to sustain a property’s income. You also receive the necessary engineering due diligence to help make your decisions easier.

Commercial Building Insight Report

Assess risk by gaining verified insights into replacement costs, loss history, and occupant details at the address level.


Property Condition Assessment – ASTM Scope

Receive engineering due diligence by trained employees across the United States, with an average 11 years conducting property risk assessments.


Physical Needs Assessment

Obtain complete, reliable, and timely Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac commercial property assessments to help avoid loan closing delays.

Roof Screening Report

Get detailed intelligence on roof age, slope, condition, and past damage, as well as high-quality aerial photos.



Property Screening Report

Understand the opportunities and risks of a commercial property with tenant information that includes financial history, current condition, and growth clues.

Sample Multi-family | Sample Retail/Office

Replacement Cost Report

Derive ground-up replacement cost analysis through our proprietary database and algorithms.



Catastrophic Risks Report

See and understand the risks from seismic, flood, and wind incidents.


Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Annual Surveys

Access data from annual surveys performed under Fannie/Freddie requirements.


MBA Form for Annual Surveys

Get the details from annual surveys conducted according to Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) requirements.

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