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Workers' Compensation Sessions

WC Policy Review (WC-1) – one-hour session

A review of:

  • Parts of the workers' compensation policy
  • Workers' compensation laws
  • Types of workers' compensation laws
  • Insurance requirements

WC Classification Terminology (WC-2) – two-hour session

A review of the definitions and proper application of:

  • Basic classifications
  • Standard exception classifications
  • General inclusion operations
  • General exclusion operations
  • Governing classification
  • Principal business rule
  • Classification wording and applications

WC Classification Assignments (WC-3) – two-hour session

The basic concepts required to classify a risk, including:

  • Object of the classification system
  • Classifying separate legal entities
  • Business not described by a manual classification
  • Classes limited to separate businesses
  • Business described by a standard exception classification
  • Construction or erection risks
  • Subcontractors
  • Farm operations
  • Repair operations
  • Recycling operations
  • Miscellaneous employees rule
  • Interchange of labor rules
  • Changes or corrections in classifications rule

WC Basis of Premium (WC-4) – two-hour session

An in-depth analysis of:

  • Payroll inclusions and exclusions
  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Substitutions for money
  • Housing
  • Rental value of housing or apartment
  • Payroll limitation – officers, sole proprietors, and others
  • Overtime wages

WC Executive Officers (WC-5) – one-hour session

An examination of the manual rules to determine:

  • Who qualifies as an executive officer
  • Officers’ remuneration determination for premium calculation
  • Proper classification of each officer
  • Executive officers of multiple entities

WC Sole Proprietors, Partners, and Others (WC-6) – one-hour session

Issues concerning sole proprietors, partners, and others, including:

  • Coverage status
  • Payroll determination
  • Classification procedures
  • Treatment of nonsalaried employees and domestic workers

WC Subcontractors (WC-7) – one-hour session

Issues surrounding the use of subcontractors, including a review of:

  • Certificates of insurance
  • Basis of premium
  • Exposure determination
  • Classification procedures for insured and uninsured subcontractors

WC Maritime (WC-8) – one-hour session

Issues surrounding maritime and the effect on business operations performed on or near navigable waterways of the United States, with explanations of:

  • Jones Act (Admiralty)
  • USL&HW Act
  • FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act – Interstate Railroads)

WC Rating Factors (WC-9) – one-hour session

Guidance on application of:

  • Loss constants
  • Expense constants
  • Anniversary rating date calculations
  • Extraterritorial operations

General Liability Sessions

GL Policy Review (GL-1) – one-hour session

An overview of:

  • The types of liability insurance
  • Standard and nonstandard forms
  • Contents of the Commercial Package Policy
  • Coverages and endorsements in the Commercial General Liability Policy
  • The ISO Commercial Lines Manual

GL Basis of Premium (GL-2) – one-hour session

An analysis of the various types of rating bases:

  • Admissions
  • Area
  • Each
  • Gross sales
  • Payroll
  • Total cost
  • Units

with information on inclusions and exclusions

GL Classification Procedures (GL-3) – one-hour session

The general concepts of ISO’s CLM Rules 25 and 26:

  • Classification assignment
  • General inclusions and exclusions

GL Manufacturing/Processing and Mercantile Risks (GL-4) – two-hour session

An examination of the procedures for classifying risks under ISO’s CLM Rules 27 (manufacturing/processing) and 29 (mercantile):

  • Definition of named insureds
  • Classifying by final product
  • Multiple operations
  • Special inclusions and exclusions
  • Basis of premium
  • Wholesale value
  • Classification assignment procedures
  • Definition of dealer/distributor and rating territory

GL Contracting and Servicing Risks (GL-5) – two-hour session

An analysis of ISO’s CLM Rule 28 (contracting and servicing risks):

  • Classification assignment
  • Special classification exclusions
  • Basis of premium
  • Rating territory
  • Contractor – subcontracted operation classifications
  • Assignment procedures for adequately and inadequately insured subcontractors

GL Building/Premises and Miscellaneous Risks (GL-6) – one-hour session

The rating components outlined in ISO’s CLM Rules 31 (buildings/premises) and 32 (miscellaneous) used to classify a risk rated on a unit or area basis:

  • Rules
  • Classification procedures
  • Basis of premium

Commercial Automobile Sessions

Automobile Dealerships/Garage Liability (CA-1) – one-hour session

Guidance with the classifications and rating basis for risks involved in the operation of automobile dealerships and garage liability, including a review of:

  • Classifications
  • Audit procedures and verification
  • Premium development
  • Miscellaneous rating issues

Miscellaneous Sessions

Writing the Description of Operations – one-hour session

A review of the essential elements necessary to write a thorough description of operations:

  • Techniques for before and after the interview
  • Compiling the data
  • Observing the obvious
  • Policy guidelines by line of business
  • What and how much to write
  • Audit documentation

Understanding Legal Entities – one-hour session

An analysis of the various kinds of legal entities and their effect on policy premium:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Limited liability companies
  • Unincorporated associations

Pitfalls of Cross-Referencing Workers' Compensation to General Liability – one-hour session

An examination of the pitfalls of automatically cross-referencing various types of risks from workers' compensation to general liability classification assignment.

Contractor Executive Supervisor – one-hour session

A discussion of the proper use of code 5606, “Contractor – Project Manager, Construction Executive, Construction Manager, or Superintendent,” and related issues for workers' compensation and general liability

Companion Classifications – one-hour session

A discussion of the companion classifications required in auditing certain workers' compensation risks.


  • Reasons for companion classifications
  • Which risks require companion classifications
  • What distinguishes professional and nonprofessional employees

Building the Intelligent House – one-hour session

An examination of the workers' compensation and general liability classifications for manufacturers and installers of devices such as:

  • Climate control systems
  • Home entertainment systems that control stereos, televisions, computers, telephones, intercom systems, nanny cams, and lights
  • Windows that change at night to prevent others from looking in
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation — new on the market for green buildings
  • Solar panels

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