Rick Stoll

Rick Stoll

Rick Stoll is the assistant vice president of product management at Verisk Insurance Solutions. He is responsible for the development and management of data and analytic products. Rick has over 15 years’ experience building, managing, and selling complex digital services – primarily ones grounded in big data analytics. Prior to ISO, he lead innovative product initiatives at Dun & Bradstreet and American Express. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and a master of business administration from New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

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    Football and small businesses: Models for championship performances

    Every year in early February, the nation fixates on an annual event that generally draws the largest TV audience: the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl LI contest between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots boasts two teams at the top of their game, both worthy of being the champion. That got me thinking. It […]

    Scrooge & Marley, PLC: A commercial insurance case study

    Scrooge & Marley, PLC, was a privately held partnership in 19th-century England that operated out of a dingy warehouse in the Cornhill section of London. Partners Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley founded the “counting house” with no outside investors or small business loans. Marley referred to the firm as “a money-changing hole,” a closely held, […]

    The Insurable Risks of Zombie Attacks on Small Businesses

    Zombies are sweeping the nation—at least if you believe the media and pop culturists. The walking dead are everywhere, from cities and small towns to homes and offices. While most people try to eradicate them, few are learning to adapt and deal with the situation. Case in point: For every time you’ve seen zombies creating […]

    Reducing the risk of commercial vehicle crashes

    In 2014, in the United States, 3,903 people were killed and an estimated 111,000 injured in police-reported traffic crashes involving large trucks. Seven percent of the fatal crashes involved a truck hitting the rear of another vehicle. In an effort to reduce crashes, a number of trucks are currently equipped with crash avoidance systems (CAS), […]

    What to look for when underwriting a general liability policy

    Underwriters today have a thirst for reliable data but often face daunting research challenges to find it. They also face disjointed data sources that provide inaccurate and incomplete information. For general liability underwriting, you need reliable data that falls into three categories: the business itself, the actual premises, and the surrounding neighborhood. All three categories […]

    General liability classification shouldn’t be a guessing game

    Other than historical loss experience, there are three fields on an insurance application that lay the groundwork for a general liability quote: address (territory), exposure (sales, payroll, square footage, etc.), and GL class. Each field has its own effect on the underwriting process, but the GL class is arguably the most subjective. Verisk Insurance Solutions […]