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Personal Injury Claims Automated Settlement (PICAS® Plus) is the industry's only product to digitise the personal injury claims settlement process. Developed in collaboration with medical professionals, claimant solicitors, and insurance companies, PICAS Plus provides fast and easy settlement for all parties.

Powered by the industry-leading ISO Claims Outcome Advisor® (COATM), PICAS Plus standardises the evaluation of all injuries. The system uses International Classification of Diseases coding and accesses a database of historical claims settlements with information covering 18,000 medical conditions. COA constantly monitors those values and updates the database, taking into account recent settlements and solicitors' valuations.

By reducing paper transfer and handling, PICAS Plus can significantly cut the life cycle of a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) claim. Using historical settlement information, the system has helped insurers, claimants, and solicitors achieve automated settlement either immediately or upon counteroffer in many cases. As participating compensators prioritise PICAS Plus cases, claimants receive faster, fairer settlements. Insurers benefit from reductions in cycle time, expenses, and erroneous decisions or data capture. And claimant solicitors can control their overheads per case and achieve fair outcomes for their clients much faster.

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