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Case in Point, part of the ISO Claims Outcome Advisor® (COATM) suite of products, provides direct access to claim settlement histories so your claim handlers can make more effective decisions for every claim.

How it works

Case in Point uses powerful data analytics to identify claims similar to the ones you handle. With every search, claim handlers receive a list of similar claims, including settlement amounts. The claim handler then has easy access to a wide range of data that can help shape settlement. That information provides additional evidence of a claim’s value based on the historical settlements in your database.

Case in Point can reduce the claim life cycle significantly, as claim handlers get fast access to the data they need to arrive at reasonable settlement offers. Further, the service helps mitigate the risk of over- or underpayment, which can protect an insurer’s bottom line — and reputation. Case in Point helps you use your existing data more effectively — and the results can improve your combined ratio.

Claim handlers can gain further efficiency benefits by integrating Case in Point with the ISO Claims Outcome Advisor application-to-application interface with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) A2A system. In that environment, Case in Point can take advantage of additional data analytics regarding a wide range of factors to suggest a settlement amount less likely to lead to litigation.

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