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Uk Climate Change Teaser
25 July 2023

Is Climate Change Causing a Huge Surge in UK Subsidence Claims?

Last year’s surge in subsidence claims are a harsh reminder of just how damaging the effects of hot weather can be.

Ethical Implications Teaser
22 March 2023

The ethical implications of automating high level claims processing

AI and process automation in claims can administer appropriate responses to resolve both high and low-level claims

Electrical Vehicle Database
05 January 2023

Is a lack of electric vehicle data holding UK motor insurers back?

As EVs continue to be an increasingly common sight on UK roads, data will be crucial in understanding this evolving motor risk landscape.

Heatwave Uk
18 July 2022

UK heatwave: Could record-breaking temps spell more subsidence claims?

While the UK faces exceptionally high temperatures, prolonged periods of hot and dry weather could increase the risk of subsidence.

Storm Eunice
14 March 2022

Following Storm Eunice, do you know your insured property exposure?

Unusual storms serve as a reminder that claims history alone won't always provide a complete view of exposure.

Contents Coverage In Home Policy
09 December 2021

Oversimplifying contents cover creates challenges for home insurers

Knowing how much contents cover is appropriate in a home policy is a challenging endeavour for both insurers and their customers.

Gettyimages 1287244680 738x415
24 November 2021

Upcoming Chinese regulations push for automation in underwriting

Automated underwriting in China is expected to grow substantially following the announcement of new regulations in 2022.

14 October 2021

The data insights that will help crack the growing property insurance pricing conundrum

Global supply chain crunch and labour challenges create perfect storm of disruption

27 September 2021

How original loss curves can improve pricing in the London Market

Risk pricing is challenging when you do not have historical data as claims are random events with uncertain frequency and severity.

09 September 2021

How can UK insurers obtain meaningful ADAS data?

Motor insurers may struggle to process the data around existing ADAS features in a vehicle and turn it into useful underwriting information.

24 August 2021

How can home and motor insurers adapt to looming FCA reforms?

The upcoming reforms have caused many insurers to re-evaluate their approaches to pricing home and motor policies.

Eem Visualize 738x415
28 July 2021

Overcoming the challenge of cross-class clash

Learn about cross-class clash, it's potential impact to your organization and how Verisk solutions can help you address it.