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piCalculator FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What if I outsource the drafting of schedules?

If you are outsourcing the drafting of the schedules, you are losing potential profit costs, and you could be leaving yourself open to criticism for not drafting it yourself. piCalculator deals with complex calculations, allowing you the time to focus on building the case.

Can barristers use piCalculator?

There are approximately 200 barristers currently using piCalculator, and it was originally built with their input. 

Is piCalculator primarily a tool for defendants?

Defendant solicitors, insurers, and claimant lawyers all use piCalculator. It’s entirely neutral, just like Excel or any other calculator.

Is piCalculator suitable for collaboration?

We have built a unique sharing function for users to collaborate on the same document at the same time. Also, we can set up team structures. For example, team leaders can have full visibility of their teams’ cases.

Is there a minimum required case volume I need to commit to?

There is no minimum requirement. Use it as much or as little as you wish.

Why should I change from the process I’m comfortable with?

Processes evolve and change with the benefit of new technology to increase efficiency and profitability. Embracing new technology and greater efficiency puts you ahead of the curve and makes your processes easier.

How do I know piCalculator will still be around in the future?

piCalculator was first developed in 2008. Now on its third version since being publicly available, there are currently nearly 2,500 subscribers using the platform.

Here is what some piCalculator customers have to say about the platform

piCalculator from Verisk has been a core component of our digital transformation push. piCalculator has completely changed the way we handle high-value multi-track claims, helping us switch out more traditional calculation methods in favour of a modern cloud-based alternative. The new solution takes away the worry of miscalculations and allows us to make adjustments very quickly in the event of industry changes or court decisions such as Swift v. Carpenter.

  • Damian Bradley
  • Technical Director for Personal Injury, Slater and Gordon

piCalculator has transformed the speed and accuracy at which I can complete typically manual and repetitive processes for complex claims. When it comes to accurate damage calculations and accelerating Personal Injury settlements, I can’t recommend it highly enough as a software solution for legal and insurance users alike.

  • Peter Walmsley
  • Partner, Horwich Farrelly