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Fast, accurate special damages calculations for personal injury claims

Calculate special damages for personal injury claims without the time and effort of spreadsheets or Ogden tables with piCalculator. The powerful software solution helps insurers as well as claimant and defendant law firms quickly determine accurate loss values—from initial assessment to court-ready schedules of loss.

Settle claims confidently and quickly

Picalc Settleclaims

Settle claims confidently and quickly

Complex personal injury and clinical negligence claims can involve prolonged negotiations. But with piCalculator, users can be confident in their calculations and accelerate claim resolution. The solution helps:

  • evaluate damages faster
  • shorten settlement negotiations
  • reduce inaccuracies
  • improve cost and time efficiencies

More than 3,500 users trust piCalculator to handle personal injury claim calculations

Insurers: Right-size reserves and maximise profitability

Picalc Profitability

Insurers: Right-size reserves and maximise profitability

Calculating reserves no longer has to be an arduous process. Insurers can quickly and simply recalculate settlements and right-size reserves in minutes to maximise investments and improve profitability downstream—even when the discount rate changes.

Law firms: Leverage automation for small claims

Picalc Lawfirms

Law firms: Leverage automation for small claims

piCalculator Portal Edition (PE) helps law firms automate damage calculations and reduce manual touchpoints needed to manage and process small claims for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Claims Portal and the Official Injury Claim Portal. It pairs proven technology with a General Damages Evaluation Module to automatically evaluate medical reports, helping law firms manage change from whiplash reforms.

Keep claims out of court and costs down


Keep claims out of court and costs down

Learn how Verisk’s collaborative negotiation platform, Consensus, uses piCalculator to help insurers and claimants evaluate quantum claims and reach an agreement outside of court.

Assess medical reports with AI

Uk Med Automation

Assess medical reports with AI

Insurers and claimant solicitors can use piCalculator in conjunction with Verisk’s medical automation tool, which uses AI to identify and extract medical reports added to the Claims Portal and assesses injury severity to help streamline settlements.

Proven results for more than 10 years

In a recent survey of piCalculator users from law firms…

  • 95 percent said they prefer using piCalculator to draft schedules of loss compared to manually drafting them
  • 100 percent agreed that using piCalculator saves time
  • 85 percent agreed that the solution improves profitability
  • 100 percent would recommend piCalculator to a colleague

Want to learn more about the benefits of piCalculator? Check out the frequently asked questions.

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