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Personal Injury Solutions

Manage personal injury claims with greater accuracy and efficiency

Identifying injury severity, determining general damages, negotiating settlements, and calculating reserves are all critical components of managing personal injury claims. The complex process requires the right tools to help claims handlers make faster and more precise decisions.

Personal injury costs account for 28% of motor insurance costs on average.*

Comprehensive solutions for the entire claims process

Leveraging advanced analytics, extensive data, and powerful integrations, Verisk’s suite of personal injury solutions helps insurers manage claims from initial assessment to resolution. The solutions provide insurers with an array of capabilities:

  • Event and entity resolution
  • Medical report reader
  • Medical behaviour and trend insights
  • General damage assessment
  • Special damage calculations
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Credit hire
  • Supplier integration

Improve claim outcomes and mitigate risk

Claims Outcome Advisor

Improve claim outcomes and mitigate risk

Insurers can reduce claim life cycles, minimise risk, and manage personal injury claims proactively with the enhanced Claims Outcome Advisor suite. The solutions integrate with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Claims Portal and Official Injury Claim Portal and provide claims handlers the tools they need to drive fast and fair claim outcomes.

Keep pace with evolving challenges

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Learn how Verisk helps you meet the increasing demands of personal injury claims.

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Evaluate damages for complex claims quickly


Evaluate damages for complex claims quickly

Fast and accurate special damage loss calculations are possible with piCalculator. The powerful software solution handles complex personal injury claim calculations in seconds, enabling claim handlers to settle claims faster.

Automate medical report assessment

Uk Medautomation

Automate medical report assessment

Insurers and claimant solicitors can streamline medical report assessment with an innovative medical report reader tool that uses AI to extract medical reports in the Claims Portal and automatically assess injury severity.

Fast resolution without litigation


Fast resolution without litigation

Insurers can resolve personal injury claims without costly litigation through the verify™ platform, which facilitates low-cost alternative dispute resolution. The platform provides full visibility into personal injury claims and integrates with both claims portals.

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*Source: Association of British Insurers