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New insights and property intelligence with latest product releases

At the end of every March and September we traditionally publish new editions of our products, and this year is no exception, as you can read below.


The latest release of the Geomni UKBuildings product includes many significant new features and enhancements to deliver property intelligence and support decision making.

Edition 10 of UKBuildings, published at the end of March 2021 includes

  • Implementation in England and Wales of the principal of Sites, which group buildings based on ownership and/or use, and
  • Implementation of the distance to water attribute. This shows for every building, the shortest distance to water features and was delivered following customer feedback.

Site information includes the number of buildings on a site, the site area and links between buildings. For example, as shown in the images below, houses are linked to domestic outbuildings such as garages, and separate buildings on a single commercial site are linked. This information gives a more complete view of a house or building and its relationship with other buildings.

Outbuildings Linked To Residential Buildings
Residential sites showing outbuildings linked to residential buildings
Commercial Site
A Commercial site showing related buildings
Map Showing Buildings Coloured By Distance To Water
Map showing buildings coloured by distance to water (darker blue, closer to water)

Significant improvements in the new edition include:

  • Improved and updated building footprints in more than 30 urban areas giving more detailed building areas and identification of domestic outbuildings
  • Improved integration with Ordnance Survey AddressBase products and standard identifiers including UPRNs (Unique Property Reference Numbers)
  • Improved building-use classification particularly outside urban areas

These enhancements improve the completeness and consistency of the information available in the database.

UKBuildings is available as a geospatial database, address data with additional attribution, and via an Application Programming Interface (API).


Edition 26 of UKMap, the detailed database of London with land and building use, land cover, points of interest and more, includes further expanded mapping detail and our widest ever coverage of aerial imagery captured in 2020.

The detailed imagery was taken during lockdown in May so there is little traffic or other activity obscuring the roads and other areas.

Empty Trafalgar Square
A very empty Trafalgar Square from London 2020 imagery

If you need to understand in detail the characteristics of a site in London, or make decisions about property across the UK our unique data products can help.