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Buildings, Land-Use and Property information at your fingertips - Geomni UK Educational Webinars

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Geomni publish product updates at the end of every March and September and this year is no different. There are traditionally meetings, conferences, exhibitions around these times where the Geomni team can connect with the industry and promote the new releases. Find out which events the team will be attending by taking a look at the listing on our events and webinar page.

Even though many restrictions in the UK have been lifted, there are now fewer opportunities to meet and we understand some people may hesitate to attend in person events. To help partners, customers and colleagues learn more about the new editions, the Geomni team of experts will be presenting two webinars in September.

14th September 2021, 10.30AM - 11.00AM – Geomni Property Insights

Detailed property information is vital when assessing the value, risk or potential development of buildings, sites, and property. Geomni delivers detailed property information that can speed up decision-making, lower costs, and save time and resources.

Join us to learn how our national database of detailed property characteristics allows you to access information about individual houses and buildings, or analyse large areas. Whatever your property related requirements, the Geomni UKBuildings database delivers property insights and housing characteristics.


21st September 2021, 10.30AM - 11.00AM – Geomni Land Insights

Learn how Geomni deliver insights into the use and characteristics of land across the UK. Geomni land-use data is used by Service Providers, Consultants, Planners, Developers, and Property companies to improve planning and speed up decision making. The webinar will highlight how you can understand the characteristics of an area, compare different areas, or search for specific categories of land, for example, retail parks, or large areas of industrial land away from urban areas.

Join us to hear how land-use data can deliver insights and improve decision making.


Both webinars will start at 10.00 am and will last between 20 and 30 minutes. During the webinars you will have the opportunity to engage (in confidence) online with one of our product experts.If you would like to view any webinars from our previous series please click here.