London Market

Underwriting Solutions for the London Market

London Market insurers write insurance and reinsurance policies across many different lines of business and geographies. They need to be able to process insurance applications and make decisions around policies quickly and effectively.  From policy language and Lloyd’s-specific wordings to property characteristics and catastrophe analytics, Verisk provides a range of tools to underwrite more accurately and efficiently.



Cyber Risk Navigator

Measure and monitor aggregations of cyber risk and estimate potential insured cyber losses on any commercial insurance policy, including those vulnerable to silent cyber.

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The Verisk Cyber Underwriting Report

Cyber Underwriting Report

Using machine learning, stochastic modelling, and data on nearly 100,000 historical cyber events, our InsurTech solution generates reports within seconds that can help you underwrite a variety of cyber risks with increased speed and precision.

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Verisk Cyber Data Exchange

Cyber Data Exchange

Lack of industry-wide cyber insurance data is a significant challenge for insurers. Verisk has created a data exchange for participating companies to contribute their own data, which is then aggregated and summarised to provide business intelligence via interactive dashboards.

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Iso Forms Policy Programs

ISO Forms

For over 40 years, ISO Forms have been carefully constructed to address property and liability risks with 30,000 policy forms across 29 lines of business.

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Easily research, develop and distribute insurance products with a centralised forms repository and library for both your proprietary policy forms and ISO Forms.

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Iso Courtside


Keep abreast and respond to the latest case law trends with a legal analytics solution that aggregates and scores thousands of insurance-related court decisions by topic.

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Sequel Underwriting

Sequel Underwriting

Sequel Underwriting is a core underwriting platform that allows you to handle complex policy information quickly and accurately, and to streamline the entire lifecycle of your insurance reinsurance business, from underwriting and accounting to claims settlement and reinsurance.

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Sequel Broking

Sequel Broking

Sequel Broking is a one-stop solution for insurance and reinsurance brokers, from placement and billing to claims management and technical accounting. It generates reports instantly for faster decision making and allows you manage complex risks, including vertical placement and subscription business.

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Property/Casualty Data

Underwriting And Rating

U.S. Property Data

Gain almost instant access to verified, reliable data on millions of commercial and personal properties across the United States to support your underwriting decisions.

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Iso Loss Costs

ISO Loss Costs

In conjunction with representatives from the Lloyd’s market, Verisk developed a web portal that includes interactive maps that lets you interrogate a vast database of rating information and produce loss cost averages for multiple scenarios across many classes and U.S. jurisdictions. You can also simply download rating information and incorporate it into your own rating models.

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Size Of Loss Matrix Hero

ISO Size-of-Loss Matrix

Our Size of Loss Matrix is a better way to visualise complex data of long-term and excess loss development, trends, loss ratios, and profit measures across ten lines of business and 72 markets.

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Respond provides real-time weather analysis and forecasts of claims volumes for natural hazard events and allows you to visualise the effect of each peril in the context of local policies.

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Sequel Rulebook

Sequel Rulebook

Sequel Rulebook is a pricing, underwriting, and distribution platform for the specialty insurance market, using a dynamic rules engine capable of embracing pricing models across all major classes of business.

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Sequel Re

Manage your entire reinsurance process with confidence, with a platform that covers every outwards reinsurance scenario with flexibility, power and accuracy. Sequel Re provides real-time, web-based workflows to cover the full suite of reinsurance policies, in a way that suits your business.

Hazard Data


Public Protection Classification (PPC) Service

Fully capture the level of fire protection in communities across the United States. The PPC program provides grades to communities across the United States based on their fire prevention and suppression systems.

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Location-specific characteristics (fuel, slope, and access) of the environment in which properties are situated play a significant role in determining the level of exposure to wildfire hazard. FireLine provides detailed, current information to analyse wildfire risk in the United States down to the individual address.

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WaterLine allows you to score flood risk for all properties in the contiguous United States based on advanced models of river, surface, and storm surge flooding.

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Location Social


Pinpoint a property’s actual location down the decimal with Verisk’s geolocational data.

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Hail Risk and Damage

Identify the risk of pre-existing hail damage, along with areas of traditional and emerging hail risk, for the properties you insure.

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Gain accurate and reliable information on communities’ building code adoption and enforcement across the United States.

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Distance To Coast

Distance to Coast

Identify and manage coastal property risk at an address level with accurate and trusted coastal measurements for even the most complex coastlines.

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With Arium, you can quantify the impact of liability accumulations and loss potential across all commercial liability lines of business and use the information to enhance your pricing and actuarial decisions.

Catastrophe Analytics

Catastrophe Models

AIR Worldwide Nat Cat Modelling

AIR Worldwide can help you quantify and manage your risk from extreme events through catastrophe modelling and risk assessment. More than 400 organisations rely on AIR’s models, software, and services to manage their risk from natural catastrophes, terrorism, cyber-attacks, and pandemics. Use the results for better pricing, underwriting, and risk management.

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Sequel Impact

Sequel Impact

With Sequel Impact, you can quantify your total risk exposure for any insurable risk in any business sector in seconds. It allows you to overlay simulated events like earthquakes, fires, or floods onto designated geographic areas for pinpoint risk modelling.

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A Plus Commercial


A-PLUS Commercial

The A-PLUS Commercial contributory database is derived from the world’s largest claims repository of more than 1.3 billion claims. Each week, 90 percent of the claims are updated, representing the most comprehensive loss run tool in the market today.

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