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Police Authorised Data Downloads

Instant notifications for faster claims processing

Real-time alerts for insured vehicles recovered in accidents

The faster an insurer knows about a motor accident, the faster it can assist a policyholder and process a claim. Police Authorised Data Downloads (PADDs) provide insurers with real-time notifications when their customer’s vehicle is recovered by police after a road traffic collision or a theft.

Shorten claim life cycles with early notification

Shorten Claim Life Cycles

Shorten claim life cycles with early notification

Through a unique collaboration with UK police, Verisk provides insurers with these valuable notifications that can help reduce claims life cycles. When an officer recovers a vehicle, the PADDs system immediately checks the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to find the insured’s insurance company and then notifies the insurer of vehicle details, location, and release date.

Reduce costs associated with vehicle recoveries

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs associated with vehicle recoveries

PADDs facilitates early vehicle repatriation for policyholders, and helps insurers reduce storage charges and other costs associated with delayed claim notification.

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