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Medical Report Automation

Are you prepared for personal injury reforms?

With the whiplash reforms and introduction of the Official Injury Claims (OIC) Portal, insurers and claimant representatives need more efficient processes to assess medical reports to determine the nature of injuries sustained and the right level of compensation. Smart automation can make it happen.

Seamless automation for insurers and claimant representatives

Seamless Automation

Seamless automation for insurers and claimant representatives

Verisk’s medical automation tool uses AI to help both insurers and claimant representatives triage medical reports to ensure the best possible experience for the injured party. Document classification automatically identifies medical reports from all documents added to the Claims Portal, extracting data in a consistent and structured format, providing key insights and a fair and consistent assessment of compensation to both parties.

Insurers: Improve efficiency with automated insights

Efficiency Automated Insights

Insurers: Improve efficiency with automated insights

Stage 2 automation helps claim handlers expedite the injury claim process by leveraging technology that extracts and reads medical reports, assesses injury severity and accurately determines general damages.

Verisk has assessed and helped provide fair and consistent compensation on over 2.5 million personal injury claims. This big dataset has enabled Verisk to develop a unique medical automation solution to provide claims professionals with a general damages assessment on 100% of soft-tissue injury claims.

Our solution encourages collaboration between both parties, as we stride towards a quick and frictionless process.

Manage exceptions with ease

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Handle new, complex, or unusual injury claims seamlessly in an integrated workflow. Our solution identifies and resolves these exceptions, ensuring claims can continue to the next phase of the automation journey utilising machine learning for continued improved outcomes.

Automate settlement decisions

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Leverage Stage 2 automation in conjunction with Verisk’s COA, Case in Point, and Know Your Opponent solutions to automate decision and response in post-medical assessment. You can automate Stage 2 decisions, agreements, and counter-offers based on rules set for individual claimant solicitors.

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