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Automate motor damage repair estimates

Automatically triage motor damage claims into repair or total-loss workflows in seconds with Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI). The cutting-edge solution uses AI and advanced image recognition technologies to instantly provide accurate repair pricing information and enable straight-through processing.

See how Verisk's IVI solution works


See how Verisk's IVI solution works

This short video provides a look at how IVI’s powerful AI technology automates the claim process to deliver a modern customer journey.

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30M+ motor claims across Europe

High claim volume strains resources


£85B paid each year in motor claims

Motor claims costs are rising, inefficiencies add to the issue


Several days or weeks to process a claim

Even simple claims can take several days to process

IVI helps you get triage automation right

Automated triage isn’t just a tech issue. You need a supplier who can apply deep claims expertise to technology.
That’s what you get with IVI:
• Experts in technology and claims with the largest data foundations for AI
• Bespoke, transparent, and flexible implementation for your business
• Customer-first applications for a fast, easy claim process for policyholders

Seven of the top ten UK motor insurers rely on IVI for automated repair estimates

Elevate the customer experience with a fast, simple claims process

Elevate The Customer Experience

Elevate the customer experience with a fast, simple claims process

When a policyholder has an accident, they can upload images of the damaged vehicle using the IVI web app. The app ensures image quality by providing step-by-step instructions. After the images are uploaded, AI software can automatically triage and estimate vehicle damages. The app also notifies policyholders of the next steps.

Reduce downtime and operating costs with a proven AI solution

Whether you’re an insurer, fleet company, hire company, auction house, dealer, or OEM, IVI can automate damage detection, reduce inspection costs, and assess costs of damages faster.

Seamless data integrations fuel automation

Seamless Data Integrations

Seamless data integrations fuel automation

IVI streamlines motor claims by automatically:

  • generating virtual estimates that include repair methods, times, and parts costs
  • linking to your preferred third-party data sources
  • enabling integration with your existing supply chain
  • tracking vehicles throughout the repair process

On-the-spot total-loss settlement

The solution includes a self-service portal for total losses that allows policyholders or claimants to see detailed settlement offers that they can immediately accept and receive payment.

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