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Subrogation and Dispute Resolution

Greater automation, faster settlements

Insurers are moving toward a faster and frictionless experience for claims customers. But when it comes to claims involving subrogation and liability, challenges and inefficiencies remain. Accelerating these claims processes requires next-level automation.

Accelerate subrogation through innovation

Analyzing Data

Accelerate subrogation through innovation

Subrogation is often a long process that can be costly for insurers and hinder customer satisfaction. Verify™ is transforming the process, automating more than 65 percent of subrogation claims through its innovative, SaaS-based platform.

Fast, effective resolution minus the court costs

Court Room

Fast, effective resolution minus the court costs

When parties can’t agree, claims often go to court and litigation drives up costs for everyone involved. Verify™ provides an automated alternative dispute resolution (ADR) platform that removes delays, improves efficiency, guarantees expert decision making, and reduces costs associated with claims litigation.

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