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Claims Management Solutions

Manage claims effectively from FNOL to settlement

Disruptive technology and changing customer expectations are transforming the entire claims process. Keeping pace with change—while containing claims costs—requires innovative tools that streamline claims management.

Improve claims handling with video collaboration

Video Collaboration

Improve claims handling with video collaboration

Remote claims processing not only reduces claims-handling costs associated with onsite inspections, it also improves customer satisfaction by resolving claims faster. ClaimXperience helps you triage claims and assess damage right from your desk by viewing policyholder video or photos.

70% of consumers ages 25-44 and 57% of customers over 55 prefer to use smartphones to manage their insurance claims*

Connect insurers and suppliers seamlessly

Connect Insurers

Connect insurers and suppliers seamlessly

The right tools help support and streamline the end-to-end claims process. XactAnalysis enables insurers to assign suppliers, such as loss adjusters, restoration and drying companies, and repair contractors to claims. Xactimate helps those supplies inspect losses and estimate repairs, while making the information available to insurers in XactAnalysis.

Automation fuels greater efficiency


Automation fuels greater efficiency

Automation reduces the need for human touchpoints in claims handling and increases consistency in claim outcomes. The verify™ platform delivers increased efficiency and faster resolution through claims management workflow technology as well as expert, outsourced claims-handling services.

*Source: Deloitte

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