Develop a more comprehensive view of property risk with interactive mapping technology

Insurers can find themselves at a competitive disadvantage when underwriting UK property risk if they aren’t aware of all the relevant factors linked to a physical location.

Local environment, the type and construction of buildings, the demographic make-up of the population and major insurance perils all need to be considered for greater underwriting accuracy and risk selection.

Highly granular risk-mapping technology

Interactive maps that use internal and external perils models and geodemographic classifications allow you to visualise all the different risk accumulations at an individual address or postcode level.

Full interactivity

You can upload your own data (such as ratings, policies, or claims) onto the map, layer different perils and their likelihood, create potential loss scenarios, and apply your own underwriting rules.


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Acquire accurate property characteristics almost instantly

You can get accurate property characteristics – including building age, roof type, wall type, floor area, and number of storeys – for 29 million addresses across the UK.

Quantify major insurance perils risk with ease

Relevant risk scores can be generated at the postcode level for major insurance perils, such as theft, flood, subsidence, fire, storm, escape of water, or freeze. Address-level risk scores can be generated for escape of water, subsidence, and flood.


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Improve exposure management

Through insight into the accumulations of risk across your book of business, you can better manage your exposures, identify more profitable opportunities, and reduce reinsurance costs.

Assess claims

Claims departments can also use Location Matters to assess the validity of individual claims from audit reports that provide historical insight into property risk at a specific point in time.



What our customers say

“At Beazley, the use of Location Matters is integral to our assessment of risk, and we find the level of detail provided is invaluable in identifying high-risk properties at address level within the UK.”

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