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With ISO Claims Outcome Advisor®(COA™), you can manage personal injury claims more effectively — from simple soft-tissue injuries to complex injuries involving multiple body parts and prolonged treatment plans.

ISO Claims Outcome Advisor, our core solution for the global market, helps both compensators and claimant representatives:

  • consistently identify the severity of injuries following an accident to arrive at an accurate valuation of general damages (pain and suffering) compensation
  • compare a claim to similar cases
  • make more effective claim settlement decisions

Using those analytics, you can ascertain an appropriate settlement amount and accelerate the entire claim-handling process. As a result, you can attain fair solutions faster, minimising the risk of over- or underpayment.

No matter how complex the claim, ISO Claims Outcome Advisor simplifies the process and provides clear guidance to ensure accurate and consistent assessments.

ISO Claims Outcome Advisor operates continually throughout the life cycle of a claim and provides multiple assessments and reevaluations.

It provides settlement guidelines based on claim variables such as:

  • extent and severity of trauma
  • degree of temporary or permanent disability
  • your company’s historical settlement trends

Your claim handlers can deliver a higher level of customer service to third-party claimants with a tool that accelerates a fair outcome — while still leaving room for a claim handler’s judgment and experience.

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